Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's on your Design Wall?

It's Monday morning and I am hoping that this post will start a new page - I am dedicating one separate page for DESIGN MONDAY @ Judy's website "Patchwork Times".  It's a wonderful site, great owner and a great way to catch up on those UFOs that somehow got away from us (we all do it...LOL).

I worked on "Pink All Over" this weekend.  I don't have my design wall up yet as I am testing the Block Butler to be sure it will, in fact, stay up on my walls since they are texturized.  However, I did want to post WHAT NOT TO DO!

I was just chugging along on Sunday without a care in the world, happy as a clam to be sewing.  While trimming up guess what I did.....and then I felt defeated - actually was more upset with myself than anything!  Always, always be sure to check what should be cut and what not to cut...LOL  Lesson Learned!

So, I put that aside and worked on a single BOM block for an on-line group and made mistakes.  I think my mind must have been in a 'fuddle' because, as you can see, I'm going frogging this morning...Grrrr


At this point, I stopped -- had to was afraid of what might happen next...LOL


  1. My quilting buddies have a saying when things are going that way..."Get away from the machine (or cutter as the case may be) and no one will get hurt!" LOL. Sometimes it takes stepping away for just a little bit (30 mins or an hour) or work on something else.
    Lynne in Hawaii

  2. Paula, I didn't know you had a blog!!! Welcome to design wall Monday! I had a giggle when I read your sidebar. I still haven't finished my floating stars quilt either. I made my diamond string blocks into a baby quilt. And I also have several quilt kits that I have not made. :D

  3. Hi Jane,
    I check your site out at least once a week. Thanks for stopping by. I've got the floating stars and diamond string blocks - maybe I should make a reversible with them? Ummmm...another day maybe.