Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !!

It's a new year and I've plans for new quilts ... not that I don't need to finish the UFOs I already have...LOL

My resolution is to do nothing but quilt.  It makes me Happy and I get lost for hours at a time; dinner, what's that you say? 

I started this blog in an attempt to keep me on track....unless of course I get sidetracked. So, I've decided to try and post a weekly blog about whatever happenings are happening! Bear with me as I figure out the Blogger and all it's quirks ~

I'm so excited and ready to tackle that stack of UFOs, as well as some mystery kits I never got around to doing (hanging head) but didn't list ... I'd have to dig them out first but I've got at least 10 sitting around.

And then...there are the three quilt classes at a LQS I received as Christmas presents from DH.  When I went to gather my fats for The Buggy Barn "Heart Crazies" class I realized I only had 2 pieces (each 1 yd) of white on black...which actually surprised me!  So, off I went and gathered 8 more - 9 fats of each color (red, black, white on black) are needed for this pattern.  I received 10% off those because I brought their bag with (I love discounts for remembering to bring the LQS bag with) and, on top of that, I received one 25% off coupon for each class (3) and used those coupons to purchase fabrics for the back of each quilt; 25% discount on one cut of fabric, for each class, which is why I purchased backing fabrics for each one...woohoo!!

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