Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy Hearts Just in Time

Just in time for Valentine Day..

Here's a picture of the Crazy Heart pattern (blocks) we made in class today. They are trimmed up because they (get this) don't all come out the same size but average 14 to 14-1/2 inches. You lay one atop the other and cut to the smallest one...we will see.  For the borders Anna (the teacher) suggested making strips and cut the strips into say 2" pieces and then sew those together end-to-end (oh shoot, the lightbulb just went off) and for the binding make a solid color or make bias strips of all the colors, or ...whatever 'crazy' thing you want :D

They were crazy but fun, after I got over my frustration with switching because I had too many black fabrics (duh!). People used lots of color combinations - I just followed the instructions, no 'out of the box' thinking for me on this one evidently; next time I know better ... LOL

On my design board.  The other picture are the material stacks on top of the pattern.  The bumpy piles are the sewn strip pieces.  I found it was quicker and less frustrating for me to strip piece by group, rather than 1 block at a time.  Other's were making one at a time but I couldn't wrap my mind around it, too many pieces...LoL 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just When I Thought .... Random Thoughts

Just when I thought I found a good substitute for the polka-dot (PD) fabric for my "Pink All Around" and as I posted on my 'What's on Your Design Wall?' blog, I saw an on-line fabric sale! 

Now...I had called the LQS, where I found a piece 'like' the original PD, desperate to see if there was at least one more piece which there was...Yea!!  I had them hold it for me and picked it up, happy as a clam that even though it wasn't 'like' the other pink it would 'work'.

Then last night I found an on-line fabric sale and guess what...lo-and-behold I found a fabric so-so close!!  And, yes I succumbed and bought some. While the background pink is a bit darker I think it will match better - and, if not, then I've got some extra PDs.


Original Fabric

1st replacement

 New find !!!

Please, leave a me note and let me know which would you choose?
Scroll down a bit and click on "Links to this Post" [which will open in a new page], scroll down and leave me a Post :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Excellence vs Perfection - Random Thoughts

I was reading through some e-mails this evening and came across the following saying.  It really made me re-think what I said about my block earlier today ... "it's not perfect."  I stopped and really thought about the words I was reading the meaning behind them, so from this point forward:
I will quilt, "reaching for excellence one block at a time".

Did this make you think twice?

Arizona 2 Star Quilt Block - Finished

I just finished the block for an on-line quilting group.  We aren't swapping blocks rather each group member makes a block using the pattern for that month.  This month I picked a star pattern as I've never made one, love them to "pieces" (pun intended) and wanted a bit of a challenge for myself.

I've been making quilt tops for a few years now; however, I've rarely worked with half-square triangles. I made some mistakes (bias...argh!) and although it's not a perfect block, it's my block and it's a learning block.  I'll never know what I'm capable if I don't try, right?

On to another project for yet another on-line quilting group using Bonnie Hunter's Crayon Box pattern, make 12 blocks by April 25, 2010...I've got time :D

What's in your oven?

Oh yes...the smell from the kitchen is wonderful!  Three loaves of banana bread, they look so pretty...DONE....going to be yummy my tummy :D

It was a dreary gray day, rained off and on and the bananas were saying 'use me' (or throw me away tomorrow..LoL) so I decided to bake.  The oven helped warm up the house. 

While the bread was baking I was working on the Arizona 2 block for an on-line group BOM.

I guess I felt rather ambicious this morning...or maybe it was just too much caffeine...either way, I got a lot done!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday - NEW BLOG Address

Around 11 PM the other night, a lightbulb went off in my head !! I've been trying to figure out how to make two pages in Blogger ~ while re-reading the blooger tutorial I realized I can't make two separate pages. I must make two separate blogs...and then I said DUH!!
So, I posted the articles for "What's on Your Design Wall" to a separate blog ... the blog has moved.  Please check out the new Blog, thanks!

In doing so, however, I mixed up the posts a bit. I'm going to go back and see if I can't back-date them so hopefully they will end up in the right order. Now, I can get back to business of sewing blocks...the house will wait. I am doing laundry in-between.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another setback or is it an opportunity?

I got up this morning all ready to complete the PP blocks.  I pulled out all the pieces (yes, I put things away when I'm done for the day) and lo-and-behold...I didn't cut enough of one fabric and guess what ....??  I don't have enough material to finish!!

I don't truly believe in tarot cards and horoscopes but there are days when the message seems to fit the current situation, perfectly. With that said, my tarot horoscope for today says I am to have a good day...LOL

Keywords: victory, (material) success, mastery, graduation, completion
Description: The Chariot symbolizes enthusiasm, competitiveness, and triumph.
Success and victory are achieved by employing all powers at his disposal, physical, spiritual, and intellectual. The positive sides of the self, being strong and self-controlled, balancing conflicting emotions, triumphing over obstacles, and sustaining an effort, support attaining goals, thereby leading the way to transformation and self-knowledge.

I'm hoping to triumph over this obstacle (as the tarot card said) by trying to use the small piece of the one material I'm short on, cut it smaller than the PP pattern leaving just 1/4" on each side and see if that will work for me.  If not, then I guess I'll have to find another 'pink' in my limited pink stash, finish up the 3 blocks I have started and make one more velum to get 4 blocks.  That's my obstacle for the day.  I'll let you know if I succeed!

I guess I was most amazed by the fact that I didn't have enough material.  I'm a give-me-a-yard girl, usually I get 2 what happened ??? 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's on your Design Wall?

It's Monday morning and I am hoping that this post will start a new page - I am dedicating one separate page for DESIGN MONDAY @ Judy's website "Patchwork Times".  It's a wonderful site, great owner and a great way to catch up on those UFOs that somehow got away from us (we all do it...LOL).

I worked on "Pink All Over" this weekend.  I don't have my design wall up yet as I am testing the Block Butler to be sure it will, in fact, stay up on my walls since they are texturized.  However, I did want to post WHAT NOT TO DO!

I was just chugging along on Sunday without a care in the world, happy as a clam to be sewing.  While trimming up guess what I did.....and then I felt defeated - actually was more upset with myself than anything!  Always, always be sure to check what should be cut and what not to cut...LOL  Lesson Learned!

So, I put that aside and worked on a single BOM block for an on-line group and made mistakes.  I think my mind must have been in a 'fuddle' because, as you can see, I'm going frogging this morning...Grrrr


At this point, I stopped -- had to was afraid of what might happen next...LOL

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pink All Around


I cut out the pieces for 2 more blocks for my "Pink All Around" table topper.  It's on my UFO list, it's small and I hope to finish it up by Saturday.  I only need three more blocks, sashing, border and sandwich...WOOHOO!!

Here's a pic of the completed block as well as a WIP.  This was a class I took on Jan 31, 2007...definitely a UFO...  I wasn't sure I'd like PP but have found the points come out perfectly and in the end I had a lot of fun doing this block.  I had taken materials with me, for the class, but once I got there and saw the sample (up close) I decided to change up.  All these materials were on the sale rack...woohoo - I love a sale especially if it's fabric!  Because I gathered up "pinks" (not my usual color choice) I chose the name "Pink All Around" and feel it's very fitting.

Happy Hump Day!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Getting Ready

It always so hectic at holiday time and the beginning of January is catch-up time, put it away and start clearing off the sewing table, cutting table - all used for wrapping presents. The lights and various decorations are put away and why is it that I seem to have more things than I have storage grows and grows, must be those elves!

I found some really pretty fabrics today, while cleaning out the back room, for a fabric swap with my group. So much fabric, so little time and I thought a 10" fabric swap would be a perfect way to cut those fabrics I just love but don't know what to do with.  I'm going to use a pattern from Quilt magazine Color Maze.  It's a great way to show off large prints. 

I'm trying to decide if I want to move my sewing room in there (again) - it's 800 sq.ft - minus the storage for canned food, two freezers, laundry table and rack.  As well as 10, large 3-drawer and two small 3-drawer Sterilite containers full of fabric. I can cordon off a section (maybe find a room divider and cover it...umm) to make it 'homey'...think it will work but will have to wait until DD visits again to move things around. Thought I'd try using EQ6 to map out the room, article in most recent newsletter, and see what I can come up with....Time will tell

In the meantime, I've found the top of my sewing machine table, cutting table and big top ironing board..woohoo!  Sunday, I'm going to re-arrange my sewing room, for the time being.  I need to make it more 'user friendly'....LOL

On Monday, I plan on whittlin' down my UFO list starting with the smallest and working my way up.  Wish me luck!

Friday, January 1, 2010

1894 Quilt - Adirondack Museum Quilt Exhibit

This quilt was made for my great uncle, Joseph Bruno, upon his retirement from North Creek Hotel in 1894. The quilt is hanging in the Adirondack Museum, New York for their exhibit "Common Threads: 150 Years of Adirondack Quilts and Comforters" which started in November 2008 will continue through 2010. See my slideshow to the right -->

I am so proud to be the owner of this wonderful quilt and even happier I am now able to share it's beauty with others!

I have more information here

My quilt is the 4th picture:
The blocks in this quilt are Copyrighted and May NOT be used without written permission from me.

Happy New Year 2010 !!

It's a new year and I've plans for new quilts ... not that I don't need to finish the UFOs I already have...LOL

My resolution is to do nothing but quilt.  It makes me Happy and I get lost for hours at a time; dinner, what's that you say? 

I started this blog in an attempt to keep me on track....unless of course I get sidetracked. So, I've decided to try and post a weekly blog about whatever happenings are happening! Bear with me as I figure out the Blogger and all it's quirks ~

I'm so excited and ready to tackle that stack of UFOs, as well as some mystery kits I never got around to doing (hanging head) but didn't list ... I'd have to dig them out first but I've got at least 10 sitting around.

And then...there are the three quilt classes at a LQS I received as Christmas presents from DH.  When I went to gather my fats for The Buggy Barn "Heart Crazies" class I realized I only had 2 pieces (each 1 yd) of white on black...which actually surprised me!  So, off I went and gathered 8 more - 9 fats of each color (red, black, white on black) are needed for this pattern.  I received 10% off those because I brought their bag with (I love discounts for remembering to bring the LQS bag with) and, on top of that, I received one 25% off coupon for each class (3) and used those coupons to purchase fabrics for the back of each quilt; 25% discount on one cut of fabric, for each class, which is why I purchased backing fabrics for each one...woohoo!!