Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just When I Thought .... Random Thoughts

Just when I thought I found a good substitute for the polka-dot (PD) fabric for my "Pink All Around" and as I posted on my 'What's on Your Design Wall?' blog, I saw an on-line fabric sale! 

Now...I had called the LQS, where I found a piece 'like' the original PD, desperate to see if there was at least one more piece which there was...Yea!!  I had them hold it for me and picked it up, happy as a clam that even though it wasn't 'like' the other pink it would 'work'.

Then last night I found an on-line fabric sale and guess what...lo-and-behold I found a fabric so-so close!!  And, yes I succumbed and bought some. While the background pink is a bit darker I think it will match better - and, if not, then I've got some extra PDs.


Original Fabric

1st replacement

 New find !!!

Please, leave a me note and let me know which would you choose?
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  1. I think the last one as it is closest to the first one you had.

    Love and Hugs

  2. That is my choice too! The only PD color missing is the light yellow but I don't believe it's that noticeable. I'll know better when the fabric arrives and I can do a next-to comparison...LOL

  3. I would go with the last choice but now I wish I didn't have most of my fabric in storage as I think I also have something very similar if not the same, that I'd gladly send! :( Still, last one is nice and close, use that. :D

  4. It's so sad....the material arrived and the dots are huge at 1/2" compared to the 1/8" size dots on the original piece....BUMMER!!!

    I learned something, however, when searching for replacement fabric it's best to call the seller and ask them if they would be so kind as to measure whatever it is you are trying to match size-wise!

    Guess, I'll go with my first substitute as that's all I got ...HAHAHA

    We are Creative, we are Quilters :D :D

  5. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I would choose Original Fabric. It's fantastic fabtic! I love it! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! Thank you for your blog!