Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink-All-Around The Disaster

I have been working on my PP Pink-All-Around that I started in 2007! How do I know that?  The instructions were in the container with the fabrics.  I put all my material, thread, embellishments and patterns or instructions for each 'project' (started or not) in Sterilite containers...I'm a bit OCD or CDO (because the letters are in order!).

Well anyway, it went from bad to worse ...
1.  I miscut a piece so it wasn't large enough to cover the paper.  Easy enough I matched up the polka-dots (what very little I had, it was excess on another piece) and sewed that together, looks pretty good and one can hardly see it (you can see it on left side of block edge).

2.  While trimming up the blocks I (again) miscut (the same block mind you!) and made it too short!  Okay, so I added a piece of the sashing to give it the proper length, about 1/8" was added and when I added the rest of the properly cut sashing it showed a bit more than I wanted, but 'oh-well'.

3.  Finally, I pieced together the four PP twist blocks...yea progress!!

4.  I cut the binding and guess what ... I should have made the binding 2" and not 1-3/8" as the instructions stated .... grrrrrrrrrr  So they are tight but doable :D  

5.  Onward and upward ... this quilt top or wall hanging isn't going to get the best of me, not yet!!!!!!

6.  I sewed the binding on and whilst "trimming" back for my mitered corners ... you guessed it - I miscut and cut one corner off !!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Guess who is going 'frogging' today and making more binding ???  

When this is finished, I'm going to change the name to
"Pink Humble Pie"

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