Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fabric Organization - DONE!

I finished organizing the fabrics by Color...phew that was a bigger job than I initially thought it would be.  Where'd all that fabric come from????  HaHaHaHaHa

The odd thing is I'm not really a "blue" person, yet it seems I've amased a mass of 'blues' so much so there are two bins overflowing, and honestly I need to put the overflow into a third bin...gads!!  Turbo, my fabric inspector, was even intrigued by the 'blue stack'...and it kept growing, LoL

 Mom, that's a lot of blue fabric ..

IT'S ALIVE ...  

Reds, Blacks, and Brights,  just beginning :D
Pinks in the chair, purples on ironing board, and whites which I thought I had more of...alas!!


           Pretty Yellows! 
Evidently need more ?? YES!!

~ Here are the cabinets ~ 


Notice the BLUES on the 3rd shelf, overflowing!  

 Here are the antique quilts and my grandmother's button box, a film reel button box and an old purple/gold tin button box.



  1. How neat to see all your fabrics! I like to separate by color also. What neat cabinets too!

  2. Thanks so much Connie, I love my cabinets!!!

  3. The upper cabinets hold (clear) Sterilite containers with patterns/projects by name, which have been cut out, now waiting for me to pick one to finish, LOL There is also one more bottom cupboard with Levi's to be cut down ala Bonnie K. Hunter style ;) and batting. I forgot to take pictures of the above cabinets and the one bottom cabinet, maybe another day.