Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year Arranging

Since it is the new year and I've not arranged my fabrics since I moved into my quilting studio last summer, guess it's time to "just do it"!!

Here are my cabinets closed and open.  See all those bins? They are loaded with fabrics admixed and must be separated by color.  After that I should (notice the key word 'should') measure and catalog all the material; however, I believe it would be easier to sort it by color first and then measure at leisure HAHAHA

So without further ado here are the fabrics....LOL

I have one more cabinet full, just can't get a pic right now...
A girl can never have too much fabric ... LOL



  1. I love your cabinet! I'm always so envious over folks that have cabinets and counters built into their sewing spaces. Lucky you!!

    1. Thank you so much :D

      I've been wanting cabinets for a long time and thought ahead (for once) and had the cutting counter built into my plans. Once I had the garage cleared out, it was time to take it over LoL